Our Services

Cape Digital’s capabilities encompass the full array of New Product Development Services. Our experience and flexibility allow us to act as your custom engineering firm or an extension of your own in-house development effort. We have in-house capabilities in software engineering, CAD hardware design, and construction of working prototypes and production.

System Analysis and Design

We have over 26 years experience in systems design.

Hardware Design

Having completed more than 500 hardware designs, Cape Digital understands all of the more intricate aspects of hardware design.

Firmware Design

We have extensive experience in assembly programming and development of MCS51 based systems, using this architecture extensively in our designs.

PC Based Software

.Net framework programming Silverlight applications

Embedded Systems

Embedded software systems used normally include those based on Microsoft embedded operating systems.

OEM Manufacture

Cape Digital makes use of variety of high tech 'pick and place' production facilities for volume production, but has the ability to do small runs in-house.

Obsolesence Support

Because of our many years of experience in the electronics industry, Cape Digital is happy to support clients with their obsolete technologies. Many times, redesigning sections with more up to date technologies in order to keep these systems functioning.

Some of our experiences include.